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language dangrish [01 Mar 2007|12:08pm]
- everyword must contain the letter z
- adjectives may be made more awesome by prefixing them with w00t
- it is really just a mishmash of whatever language happens to be in your head at the time and not strickly just a fusion of english and danish
                   for example you could say "Ich vas at der drinkenpubben mit un amigo. Der rockengrupen vas trés w00t! sugoi!!!"
-feel free to propose more rules to the noble language of dangrish

                                                        *   Mwahahaha phase 12 of 96356448 is now complete soon the world will be mine*
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Now the country of AU has more rules... [01 Mar 2007|06:17pm]

[ mood | bwahaha ]

... §00001 - No pants!
... §00002 - Do not eat your comrades so there is nothing left.
... §00003 - The official language is henceforth dangrish, thus all future laws must be written in the dangrish.
... §00004 - If zou diez zou must fillen oust za paperworken.
... §00005 - Henceforth this rule shall be the only exception to rule 3.
... §00006 - Za weponz de mazz deztruchon ist onve tow bezzed uzed in eztreme circumestazes.
... §00007 - Eztreme circumestazes inzludes nyzing ozer zan zings involzing za monkeys
... §00008 - Za geneticaly alzered zpace monkeys esta es exempt fromz rulz 8 y qualifiz esta es eztreme circumestazes
... §00009 - Dot not treadz on da lizzzzards tail.
... §00010 - Nagashi zwill xplain hiz transvestite manga fetish to alz inquizing mindz.
... §00011 - Alz inquizing mindz zwill be feedz to za tentacle monzters from nagashis ozer fetish.
... §00012 - Alz hatz shall be under za zupreme rulz of za zombie lady Mitani.
... §00013 - On the firzt zaturday of every month, zhere shall be a tezt of our national giant monster attack alert system zhouting out: "oh fuck!! RUN~".
... §00014 - Zou shalt notz typz all in za capz unzess izt iz abzolutely neccezary.
... §00015 - Doth not  putz  dah Onigiri in dah wazters!
... §00016 - Zer shlt bez no eazing of za onigiri in fronz of dah onigiri.
... §00017 - Zis iz a tezt... zis iz only a tezt if this hadz beenz an aczutal rulz zou wouldz have knownz byz nowenz.
... §00018 - Alz rulez fromz 19-12734 are herebyz stricenz from ze recordz az wez dontz wantz to writze themz
... §00019 - Zou zhal notz asken whatz happezed on Zept. 14
... §00020 - No reservi smilezes cept D= ant D:
... §00021 - Accept the fact that yaoi happens.
... §00022 - Draw a comic with yourself in it at least once.
... §00023 - Have balls, for Christ's sake!
... §00024 - Whenz a ninza comez za carnage zwill beginz shortzly.
... §00025 - Zonly za carrotz, za applez, za lizard, andz za devilz ist allowenst on za abramz.
... §00026 - Za trenches ist za properzy of za lizard.
... §00027 - Das shultz bez no orgazims of ze onigiriz in za publik placens.

... §12735 - Rules 12735-12740 are exempt from rule 5 and rule 3 due to the fact we don't wanna think up dangrish versions of them.
... §12736 - Girls are not allowed to be ("THAT") cute.
... §12737 - The second Tuesday of every week is now known as Wednesday.
... §12738 - You'll have to at all times wear two different socks!
... §12740 -  ???
... §12741 - Zis rulze hereby revokes rulz number 18z

feel free to propose more rules :D

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[03 Dec 2006|04:41pm]


Semapi should really make his own band! :D
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meu meu [06 May 2006|12:17am]

OMG, Honig joined!!! and I also found these in the depths of my texts' folder. They are old and silly, but it's still nice to remember :)

the stupid little poems, what else? :DCollapse )
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A matter of life and death for me! XD [28 Apr 2006|04:03pm]

Mitani & Kidboo, two great AU members have created this really cool comic strip, check it out!!!

Lizards and Devils

They made me do it!
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Insomni'ing [23 Mar 2006|10:44pm]
As most of you people know I am a chronic insomniac which leads to me saying and doing strange things when i get tired enough.

Earlier today nagashi's away message got hit by one of my sleep-deprived rants

*boo has now had sleep and has returned to his normal hobbies of carnage, mayhem, and leeching*

nagashi777 [12:37 P.M.]: go to sleep
Kidboo76033 [12:38 P.M.]: would love to...
tried that already and failed
nagashi777 [12:38 P.M.]: ah >_<
Kidboo76033 [12:38 P.M.]: i told you before I have insomnia
nagashi777 [12:38 P.M.]: yeah
Kidboo76033 [12:39 P.M.]: and well right now im... insomni'ing *new word for websters dictionary*
Kidboo76033 [12:40 P.M.]: so what are you up too??
nagashi777 [12:40 P.M.]: trying to get linux to work >_>;;;
nagashi777 [12:41 P.M.]: but, I need a nap
nagashi777 [12:41 P.M.]: back in a while
nagashi777 is away at 12:41 P.M.
Kidboo76033 [12:41 P.M.]: adios
Auto response from nagashi777 [12:41 P.M.]: be right back!
Kidboo76033 [12:42 P.M.]: *now for boo's customary rant to the im no one is watching* *audience applaudes*
Kidboo76033 [12:42 P.M.]: that is all
Kidboo76033 [12:43 P.M.]: *audience throws canned fruit*
Kidboo76033 [12:43 P.M.]: *sitting in corner muching on canned fruit now*
Kidboo76033 [12:45 P.M.]: ok... i have decided after I d/l the NES Ninja Turtles games i am off to attempt sleep as my eyes are having trouble focusing on the screen right now...
Kidboo76033 [12:46 P.M.]: ARGHH!!! Why does there have to be 4 of em....
Kidboo76033 [12:47 P.M.]: darn this site with it's freakin 6 second delay
Kidboo76033 [12:47 P.M.]: ooohhh tetris
Kidboo76033 [12:47 P.M.]: no must resist temptation to d/l yet another version of tetris
Kidboo76033 [12:48 P.M.]: ooohhhh teenage mutant smoker turtles
Kidboo76033 [12:49 P.M.]: to d/l or not to d/l that is the question
Kidboo76033 [12:49 P.M.]: ... not to d/l... i will finish the last game and then go to bed
Kidboo76033 [12:49 P.M.]: and i will sleep
Kidboo76033 [12:51 P.M.]: looking thru the box art zips there was tons more arcade to console conversions on the nes than i remembered...
Kidboo76033 [12:52 P.M.]: if you read this nagashi i found a game that will make you laugh due to the sheer corniness of the storyline it is called Astyanax
Kidboo76033 [12:53 P.M.]: this game is so bad it's funny...
Strangely the arcade version is the exact opposite and is one of the better arcade games of the late 80's IMHO
Kidboo76033 [12:53 P.M.]: proof that until the advent of the psx arcade to console conversions were pitiful
Kidboo76033 [12:53 P.M.]: *amen*
Kidboo76033 [12:54 P.M.]: ok off to bed before i continue this rant that no one will read...
i wonder why i'm still freakin typing....
ok i'm stopping....
Kidboo76033 [12:55 P.M.]: (disclaimer: boo has not gone insane as he has always been insane he can just keep it in check better when he is well rested)
Kidboo76033 [12:55 P.M.]: goodnight
Kidboo76033 [12:55 P.M.]: err.... afternoon

and 2 hours later I SLEPT!!!!!!!!
*angels sing*
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bittorrent ADACHI ;) [08 Mar 2006|10:03am]

yeah, while looking at the new anime submitions to animesuki today, I stumbled upon 4 episodes of Hiatari Ryoukou!! and when I followed the link I discovered other adachi works.. love love!! I just thought Ill let you all know :3
Hiatari Ryoukou, Slow Step etc. can be found here!!
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[17 Feb 2006|02:34pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hello this is my first post in adachi community. I want to ask something about manga H2 adachi.
Did anyone here already read until end? I've just read until vol 24 from scanlation, and I want to know the ending. What volume is it? I watched H2 dorama and i am not really atisfied with the dorama ending. So I want to know whether the edning in manga same to the dorama. Thanks...

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[27 Jan 2006|10:02am]

soooooo, did each and everyone of you get my xmas card?? :D
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Random thought of the day [17 Nov 2005|06:20am]
[ mood | cold ]

Cold sucks....

that is all...

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AU help group [06 Nov 2005|11:04am]
hello my name is kidboo and...
*breaks down crying*
I'm an AU aholic
*uncontrollable sobbing*
*is hugged by Mitani*
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[25 Oct 2005|08:49pm]


We have the best ops list ever ;_;
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[11 Sep 2005|02:04pm]

I forgot to tell you all that I ate poky in London!

Been to the china town and they had some japanese candy and such, so I found poky and it was awesome joy for everyone.
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OMG!!! I'm a San X character! [11 Sep 2005|05:22am]


More infos:

Omusubiyasan is a San-X character which came out in February of 2004. It's not a very popular character and is part of "Friendly Mix." Omusubiyasan literally means "Onigiri Store Person." An onigiri is a Japanese rice ball. Onigiri can also be referred to as omusubi or nigiri-meshi. Other than Omusibiyasan, I've seen lots of other names for these rice balls. Some of them include San-X Dumpling Friends, San-X Sushi Pals, San-X Sushi Family, and Sushi and Mochi Bar.

The Omusubi have prepared a lot of variety, like in Umeko (pickled plum), Ikura (salmon roe), Tarako (codfish roe), and Konbukun (seakelp). The Omusubi choose high quality rice, Koshibikan Grain, and seaweed. Please enjoy our Omusubi that our store is proud of. We're sure that you'll find your favortie kind. You better check the secret information about Omusubi.
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To my Semapi [06 Aug 2005|01:05pm]

idag er det Onigiris fødselsdag! Hurra-hurra-hurra!!
(( today it's Onigiris birthday! hurrah-hurrah-hurrah!! ))
vi ønsker ham en gave får
(( we wish that he gets a present ))
som han har ønsket sig i år
(( that he wished for this year ))
med dejlig chokolade og kager til
(( with delicious chocolate and cakes too ))

congrats with the 23 years, Semapi :)
hope I got the date right *giggles*
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[31 Jul 2005|09:46pm]

the world would be a horrible place without pancakes!! *cries*
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bwahahaha [11 Jul 2005|07:14am]


you all fav devil is now officially given away!!

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from the channel today! [06 Jul 2005|08:04am]

[03:13] Mizu: someone tell me what we do here o_o;;
[03:15] naga|nemu^2: we dance.
[03:15] naga|nemu^2: and sing.
[03:15] naga|nemu^2: mostly in kilts
[03:16] naga|nemu^2: and then we give sarcastic answers to people who ask innocent questions.
[03:16] naga|nemu^2: but mostly we just dance and sing in our kilts
[03:16] Mizu: O_o
[03:16] naga|nemu^2: ..... well it's true!
[03:16] * naga|nemu^2 dances
[03:16] Mizu: im new xP
[03:17] * naga|nemu^2 hands kilt!
[03:18] Mizu: woot!
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Comic Idea [05 Jun 2005|01:32am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I was thinking and thinking about what kind of animal, vegitable, or mineral I was, and I came across a character that looks almost exactly like me in real life....

A girl from a manga called "Nana" by the same artists as Paradise Kiss...I added on the purple glasses, obviously ^^; But my hair is flippy like that and my bangs are long...plus our fashion sense is almost the same. I also assosiate myself with Fuuko from Parfait Tic and Osaka from Azumanga Daioh but....the hair is the same so I chose this ^^;;

But I wouldn't mind being a bunny or a strawberry.
I just doodled a strawberry idea on Paint...It's really bad since I did it with my mouse, but I think you'd get the idea...

What do you guys think?...
(I need to do some doodles and find a way to scan them in...our family is having trouble with printers and computer things latley)

Once I get everything working, I'll draw some comics too!

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[31 May 2005|05:41pm]


a comic :D

It's really tiny, but meh, it'll happen one day or another :D


what can I say... I love the Oni/Jonas pairing :D

how will you name the boy, eh?
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